Quick Facts

Length 28"/ 71 cm

Weight 19 oz

Material Polyurethane bat and fibreglass rod

Age Group Ideal for grades 1 and up

Colour Yellow or Orange

Available Colours

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Colour Yellow

Code DI-28


Colour Orange

Code DI-28


Features & Benefits

DOM InvinciBat

Introducing the InvinciBat by DOM – a game-changing baseball bat designed to ignite the passion for the sport in young players stepping up to the plate! Crafted with safety and performance at the forefront, the InvinciBat combines innovative technology with vibrant design elements to deliver an unparalleled playing experience. 

Key Features: 

  • Skinex Construction: The InvinciBat features a unique construction with a fiberglass rod surrounded by vibrant orange Skinex material. This innovative design ensures durability, flexibility, and enhanced safety for players of all ages.
  • Youth-Friendly Design: Engineered with young athletes in mind, the Invincibat boasts a comfortable 1″ diameter grip, providing optimal control and handling for players of all skill levels. Its design makes it easy to swing, promoting proper technique and confidence at the plate.
  • Versatile Performance: Whether used in organized baseball leagues, backyard games, or school physical education classes, the Invincibat delivers consistent performance. Its durable construction and vibrant design make it a standout choice for young players looking to elevate their game. 

 Elevate the baseball experience for young athletes with the InvinciBat. Designed for safety, performance, and fun, it’s the perfect choice for introducing players to the excitement of baseball.