Quick Facts

Length 30" or 36"

Weight SS30 – 15 oz/ 420 g, SS36 – 16 oz/ 455 g

Material Skinex polyurethane blade with a polyethylene shaft

Age Group Ideal for grades 1 and up

Colour Yellow shaft with yellow or orange blades

Available Colours

Select colour to see details

Colour Yellow Shaft with Yellow Blade



Colour Yellow Shaft with Orange Blade



Features & Benefits

SuperSafe Hockey 

Introducing DOM SuperSafe Hockey Sticks – the ultimate choice for younger students diving into the exciting world of floor hockey! Crafted with safety and skill development in mind, these sticks are specifically designed for younger children for indoor use on gym floors. They offer a reliable tool for budding athletes to master the fundamentals with confidence. 

Key Features: 

  • Youth-Friendly Design: Engineered for young players, these sticks boast a lightweight and comfortable design. The oval-shaped shaft improves grip and handling, ensuring control during gameplay. Additionally, a secured grip on the end enhances stability and control.
  • Indoor Performance: Optimized for indoor use, these sticks deliver consistent playability and responsiveness on gym floors without scuffing or marking.
  • Multi-Setting Use: SuperSafe Sticks prioritize safety with soft, flexible Skinex blades ideal for young players as they learn and grow in the sport. Whether in physical education classes or recreational settings, SuperSafe Hockey Sticks offer a safe and enjoyable experience for students of all skill levels.
  • Skinex Construction: Skinex material, showcased in DOM’s SuperSafe products, offers unparalleled qualities. Its unique composition includes a spongy core and a tough, flexible outer shell, providing resilience against impacts while maintaining a lightweight feel. Whether it’s our broomball sticks, hockey sticks, golf clubs or other equipment, Skinex material delivers consistent reliability and protection, making it an excellent choice for children of all ages and skill levels. 

Elevate the floor hockey experience for younger students with SuperSafe Hockey Sticks. Designed for safety, performance, and fun, they’re the perfect choice for introducing children to the joys of floor hockey. 

Available Sets

DOM SuperSafe Hockey Set – 30” (SS30 SET)

  • 10 SuperSafe Hockey sticks (5 yellow, 5 orange blades) 
  • 2 DOM SuperSafe Pucks
  • 2 DOM GymHockey Balls


DOM SuperSafe Hockey Set – 36” (SS36 SET)

  • 10 SuperSafe Hockey sticks 36” (5 yellow, 5 orange blades) 
  • 2 DOM SuperSafe Pucks 
  • 2 DOM GymHockey Balls