Quick Facts

Length 38 in/ 97 cm

Weight 12.7 oz/ 360 g

Handedness Right only

Material Polyurethane head, steel shaft and rubber grip

Age Group Ideal for grades 4 and up

Colour Orange

Available Colours

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Colour Orange



Features & Benefits

JuniorSwing Fairway Wood

Introducing the DOM JuniorSwing Fairway Wood – the ultimate choice for young golfers of all levels. Crafted with the same commitment to safety, convenience, and performance as our other JuniorSwing products, the JuniorSwing Fairway Wood is designed to make learning and mastering the game of golf a rewarding experience for children of all ages. 

Key Features: 

  • Easy to Swing: Engineered for young golfers, the JuniorSwing Fairway Wood is designed to be easy to swing, allowing children to develop proper swing techniques. Its cushioned back provides added safety during play. 
  • Internal Support Plate: The JuniorSwing Fairway Wood features an internal support plate to create a firm striking surface, enhancing the consistency and accuracy of each shot.  
  • Indoor and Outdoor Play: Whether used indoors or outdoors, the JuniorSwing Fairway Wood delivers consistent performance on a variety of surfaces. From learning at school, practicing in the backyard to playing on the course, this versatile club is suitable for any setting and is compatible with all types of golf balls. 
  • Skinex Construction: Skinex material, showcased in DOM’s SuperSafe products, offers unparalleled qualities. Its unique composition includes a spongy core and a tough, flexible outer shell, providing resilience against impacts while maintaining a lightweight feel. Whether it’s our broomball sticks, hockey sticks, golf clubs or other equipment, Skinex material delivers consistent reliability and protection, making it an excellent choice for children of all ages and skill levels.
  • Golf Canada Endorsement: DOM JuniorSwing clubs have been used in Golf Canada’s “Future Links: Golf in Schools” program. Their user-focussed design and high-quality construction make JuniorSwing clubs a standout choice for educational programs and recreational play alike. 

Elevate the golfing experience for young athletes with the DOM JuniorSwing Fairway Wood. Designed for safety, convenience, and fun, it’s the perfect club for instilling a love of golf in children while fostering skill development and confidence.