Quick Facts

Length 37”/ 94 cm

Weight 15 oz/ 425 g

Material High-density polyethylene shaft and blade

Age Group Ideal for grades 1-8

Colour Yellow shaft with red or black blade

Available Colours

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Colour Yellow Shaft with Red Blade

Code YT-3 RED


Colour Yellow Shaft with Black Blade



Features & Benefits

DOM Youth – 37” 

The DOM Youth stick is the next step up from the DOM Junior stick and is specially crafted for budding athletes in their elementary years! Engineered with the unique needs of young players in mind, this stick combines durability, safety, and playability to provide an optimal introduction to the exciting world of floor hockey. 

Key Features:

  • Youth-Friendly Design: The DOM Youth stick is perfectly sized for elementary-aged children, ensuring comfortable handling and easy maneuverability on the floor.
  • Lightweight Construction: We understand that young players may be developing their strength and coordination. That’s why our stick is lightweight, allowing kids to focus on honing their skills without feeling weighed down.
  • Upgraded Blade: Equipped with an upgraded blade, the Youth stick is ready for faster-paced play and stronger shots, in comparison to the Junior stick.
  • Durable Build: Built to withstand the enthusiastic energy of young players, the Youth stick boasts a robust construction that can handle the occasional bumps and impacts of fast-paced gameplay.
  • Vibrant Colors: We believe in making sports fun! The Youth stick comes in a high-vis yellow, adding an extra element of excitement to every game and encouraging kids to stay active.
  • Safety First: The Youth floor hockey stick is crafted from child-friendly materials to provide parents and teachers with peace of mind.
  • Easy to Clean: We understand that kids can get messy during play. The Youth stick is easy to clean, making it a practical choice for both indoor and outdoor floor hockey adventures.
  • Made in Canada: Assembled locally in our Canadian warehouse from components that are made in Canada. 

Inspire a love for sports from a young age with the DOM Junior Floor Hockey Stick. Watch as children hone their skills and build confidence in the gym, creating memories of active play that will last a lifetime! 

The DOM Youth stick is equipped with a DOM Standard Blade that will not scuff gym floors and a comfort-grip butt-end. The DOM Youth stick is a great beginner hockey stick, optimal for students in grades 1-8. 

Available Sets

DOM Youth Hockey Set (YT-30)

  • 12 DOM Youth sticks (6 red, 6 black blades) 
  • 2 DOM SuperPucks 
  • 2 DOM GymHockey balls 

DOM Youth Hockey Set with Goalies (YT-30 G1)

  • 10 DOM Youth sticks (5 red, 5 black blades) 
  • 2 DOM Junior goalie sticks 
  • 2 DOM SuperPucks 
  • 2 DOM GymHockey balls