Quick Facts

Length V-45: 45"/ 114 cm, V-52: 52"/ 132 cm

Weight V-45: 21 oz/ 600 g, V-52: 30 oz/ 850 g

Material PVC, fiberglass tube/rod

Added Features Fiberglass tube/rod reinforcement

Age Group Ideal for grades 7-10

Colour Clear shaft with black or blue blade 

Available Colours

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Colour Clear Shaft with Black Blade



Colour Clear Shaft with Blue Blade



Features & Benefits

DOM Vision – 45″/ 52″

The DOM Vision Floor Hockey line-up provides a visual appeal like no other. Vision sticks are a unique, visually appealing option for intermediate to senior-aged students seeking to enhance their floor hockey game! The clear shafts provide added weight and showcase the internal fibreglass tube (V-45) or rod (V-52).  

Key Features: 

  • Fiberglass Technology: DOM Vision sticks set themselves apart with a fiberglass tube (V-45) or rod (V-52) seamlessly integrated into the shaft. This not only increases the stick’s stiffness, providing enhanced control, but also adds weight for more powerful shots. 
  • Optimal Size and Weight: Tailored to intermediate and senior players, Vision sticks provide stiffness, with added weight, to help students who prefer a heavier stick the perfect balance between comfort and power.  
  • Advanced Construction: With the durability to withstand the rigor of higher-level play, the Vision’s construction ensures longevity and reliability. It is the ideal companion for young athletes ready to take on more challenging floor hockey scenarios. 
  • Made in Canada: Assembled locally in our Canadian warehouse. 

Ignite a passion for floor hockey with the DOM Vision floor hockey stick. Elevate the game, command the floor, and witness the evolution of skills that set the stage for future athletic goals! 

DOM Vision sticks are equipped with a DOM Standard Blade offering customizable flex, and a grippy, comfort butt end for enhanced control. It is ideal for students in grades 7-10. 

Available Sets

Vision 45” Set (V-450)

  • 12 Vision sticks (6 black, 6 blue blades) 
  • 3 DOM SuperPucks 
  • 3 DOM GymHockey balls 
  • 2 extra DOM Standard Blades
  • 2 extra butt-ends

Vision 52” Set (V-520)

  • 12 Vision Sticks (6 black, 6 blue blades) 
  • 3 DOM SuperPucks 
  • 3 DOM GymHockey balls 
  • 2 extra DOM Standard Blades
  • 2 extra butt-ends