Quick Facts

Length 46"/ 114 cm

Weight 30 oz/ 840 g

Material Solid wood shaft and high-density polyethylene blade 

Age Group Ideal for grades 10+

Colour Wood shaft with black blade 

Available Colours

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Colour Wood Shaft with Black Blade

Code GS-50


Features & Benefits

DOM Senior Wood Goalie Stick – 46″

The DOM Senior Wood Goalie is designed for older students. A mainstay in all of DOM’s outdoor floor hockey sets, this stick boasts a traditional wooden shaft and practical design, providing a reliable tool for goalkeepers at all skill levels. 

Key Features: 

  • Classic Wooden Shaft: Crafted with a sturdy wooden shaft, the Senior Wood Goalie delivers a timeless feel and durability that appeals to players of all levels. 
  • Goalie-Specific Blade: Equipped with a DOM Goalie blade, this stick is ready to stop shots! 
  • Enhanced Feel: The DOM Senior Goalie offers the perfect balance of control and comfort so goalies can concentrate on making those game-changing stops with confidence. The end of the stick is equipped with a grippy, comfort butt end for enhanced control. 
  • Adaptability: Suitable for a range of playing environments and skill levels, the Senior Wood Goalie adapts to the needs of older students participating in organized ball hockey leagues, recreational games, or competitive tournaments. 
  • Made in Canada: Assembled locally in our Canadian warehouse.