Quick Facts

Length 42”/ 107 cm

Weight 17 oz/ 482 g

Material ABS Shaft

Blade DOM SuperLight Blade (red or blue)

Age Group Ideal for grades 5-8

Colour Natural (beige) shaft with red or blue blade

Available Colours

Select colour to see details

Colour Natural Shaft with Red Blade

Code G5 RED


Colour Natural Shaft with Blue Blade

Code G5 BLUE


Features & Benefits

DOM Gain – 42” 

The DOM Gain Floor Hockey Stick is engineered for the spirited play of intermediate-aged children who are ready to elevate their floor hockey game! Tailored to strike the perfect balance between light-weight performance and durability, this stick empowers young athletes to take their skills to the next level with confidence. 

 Key Features: 

  • Optimal Size and Weight: The Gain stick is sized for intermediate players, combining a comfortable grip and maneuverability. It’s a perfect fit for those growing into their game.
  • Precision Blade Design: Designed for accuracy and control, the stick features a SuperLight blade that enhances shot placement and stick handling. Intermediate players can fine-tune their technique and develop a feel for the game.
  • Solid Construction: The DOM Gain stick boasts a durable build to withstand the intensity of intermediate-level play. It’s the reliable companion young athletes need as they hone their skills on the floor.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: The stick’s flexibility allows for a responsive feel, enabling players to execute quick maneuvers and powerful shots. It strikes the right balance to support skill development without overwhelming young hands.
  • Comfort Size: Featuring a shaft designed for smaller hands and a secured comfort-grip butt end, this stick ensures comfort during extended play sessions, while promoting proper technique and control.
  • Made in Canada: Assembled locally in our Canadian warehouse from components that are made in Canada. 

Fuel the passion for floor hockey in intermediate-aged children with the DOM Gain Floor Hockey Stick. Elevate the game, embrace the joy of competition, and witness the development of skills that will set the stage for future athletic achievements! 

The DOM Gain stick comes fitted with a SuperLight blade to not scuff floors and a cushioned butt-end for reinforced grip. It is an ideal intermediate stick for grades 5-8. 

Available Sets

DOM Gain Hockey Set (G50)

  • 12 DOM Gain sticks (6 red, 6 blue blades) 
  • 2 DOM SuperPucks 
  • 2 DOM GymHockey balls 

DOM Gain Hockey Set with Goalies (G50-G1)

  • 10 DOM Gain sticks (5 red, 5 blue blades) 
  • 2 DOM Junior goalie sticks 
  • 2 DOM SuperPucks 
  • 2 DOM GymHockey balls