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Longworth Croquet - 6 Player 9 Wicket Set

The Longworth Six Player Croquet set includes full adult sized hardwood mallets with oval spliced shafts, giving the mallets strength and beauty with leather bound handles giving every player that assured feeling of quality without the need to break the bank. We have also included traditional coloured second colour balls and clips making this a true six player adult set. There are no variations in the mallet sizes and the steel powder coated wickets are designed to last for the life of the set. Full instructions have been included to ensure that you can set up your croquet lawn with ease.

To make the set easy to take with you this wonderful six player adult sized croquet set comes complete with a hard wearing, strong, useful and attractive zip close nylon carry bag that has extra room to include the full complement of equipment.

LONGWORTH CROQUET (CRQ21259) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Sandford Family and Friends Croquet - 6 Player 9 Wicket Set

Our Sandford Friends and Family croquet set has 2 full sized adult mallets, 2 mid size and 2 smaller cheerfully painted children's mallets that are smaller, lighter and easy for a child to handle. Having different sized mallets in one set is not uncommon - the real difference in this brilliant set are the balls!! Four 12 oz wooden croquet balls and two 6 oz smaller balls (painted blue and red to match the smaller mallets). This small change means that with the standard sized, powder coated steel hoops, everyone can enjoy a brilliant game of croquet.

Adult players can play their normal challenging game whilethe children have an easier run at the hoops, which are larger when compared to the smaller ball, making it a more fun game all round. The Sandford Friends and Family set is of exceptional quality with value pricing. Includes 6 mallets, 6 balls, 9 powder coated steel hoops, 6 clips, 2 winning posts and full rules! All packed in a zip fastening nylon bag, with shoulder strap for portability.

SANDFORD CROQUET (CRQ2099) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Cannonball Drop

Based on the design of a castle turret, this exciting game is a modern twist on the classic game of 'Kerplunk'. Brightly coloured and funky it will look great anywhere. Designed so it folds back into itself for easy storage so it can be stored in its original box. Soft, safe, hollow balls are suspended in the air supported by the giant brightly coloured red, yellow and green straws.
Take turns to remove the straws, one by one, without making any of the soft hollow balls drop inside the castle tower.

The winner is one with the least dropped balls at the end of the game! Challenging and fun for all ages. Giant Ball Drop is exciting in home, at parties or any social event. S-t-e-a-d-y .....

Includes: 4-piece brightly coloured tower, 30 soft balls and 24 coloured straws.

CANNONBALL DROP (CE527) . . . . . . .



Great Fun for all ages! Strategy, skill and of course a lot of luck combine to make this giant version of the smaller well known Connect 4 game.

Take turns to drop your red or white counters into the frame, trying to form a line of 4 and stop your opponent from doing the same.

Up 4 It stands almost four feet in height which means that adults can play in comfort. Children, small or tall, have equal fun.

Up 4 It is wheelchair friendly.


Pull-out sections at the bottom provide just as much fun letting the red and white counters out as you have putting them in. The hard wearing colourful plastic frame and red/white counters provide real impact for players and spectators alike, while being durable for many years of brilliant fun!

Are YOU Up 4 It?

UP 4 IT (CE5203) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Giant Tower

If you are looking for the biggest tower on the market - look no further! Tower starts at 36" and can be built up to and higher than 60" - that's up to FIVE FEET TALL!!

Set Includes: 58 renewable resource pine blocks - canvas storage bag included.

A steady hand and a good eye for balance prevails with our Giant Tower. The smooth, countered edges of each block allow for a safer, easier grip. Each block is a full 8 1/4" long. There are no gaps between the blocks when you play this game.

Build the Tower, then take turns to pull one block at a time from somewhere in the tower and place that block on top. But beware, if you or your team tumbles the Tower.... the other
group wins. It's a game of skill and cunning.


Perfect for Parties, Team Building Events, Tailgating and Game rooms. Recommended only for ages 8+ (Adult supervision of children always recommended)

GIANT TOWER WITH STORAGE BAG (CE50654-TB) . . . . . . . . . . . .

Giant Dominoes

Fun for all ages and a great tool for new math skills.

These wooden Giant Dominoes can be played indoors or out and come packed in an attractive wooden carry box with a carry handle.

Each domino is a large size 5.25" x 2.75" with rounded corners for added safety.


An ideal game for players of any level and can be played both indoors and outside. Includes 28 Giant Domino pieces in a wooden storage and carrying box.

GIANT DOMINOES (CE207). . . . . . . . . . . .

Giant Pick Up Sticks

Only the steadiest of hands and nerves of steel can succeed in this game of daring tension. Simply remove one stick at a time, without moving any of the other sticks. Points are then scored for each stick you successfully remove.

At a full 3 feet in length, the Giant Pick Up Sticks are brightly painted in blue, yellow, red, green and black.


Each colour has its own point value adding an edge to each game.

The sticks are all sanded to make them smooth to the touch. Great all ages fun, indoors and out, rain or shine, individual or team. Test your skills and control against the 30 wooden sticks.

Do you have the nerves of steel to win?!

GIANT PICK UP STICKS (CE509). . . . . . . . . . . .

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