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Nella Seal # 2


How to clean/strip old wax from shuffleboard courts

For concrete courts use Tri Sodium Phosphate (TSP). This can be purchased at any hardware store and strips the wax off the courts. TSP will also clean mold off concrete courts. If that is not available, use Spic N Span. For roll out courts Spic N Span is gentler. For indoor tile/wood courts please check with your facilities manager or contact flooring experts.


Shake well

Mix contents well before using. Clean court by washing or brushing as necessary. Let dry. Apply a thin coat of Nella Seal #2 with a lamb’s wool applicator (Code: LA) when court is warm and dry. Best to apply where temperature is above 15°C/60°F to avoid the wax from turning milky white. For faster playing surfaces, apply a second coat seven days after the first coat. Application, ½ gallon per concrete court. Resistant to salt, air and sudden temperature changes. For roll out vinyl courts, only 1/5 gallon is normally required.

Caution. Extremely slippery. Recommended for shuffleboard courts only. Harmful if swallowed. Keep out of reach of children.

Nella Seal has been used over the years by most shuffleboard clubs for the following reasons:

1. Since it is a wax product it helps make the discs slide easier. It also helps the beads to roll better.

2. The wax also helps to protect the lines on a shuffleboard court. The discs go back and forth and wear on the lines -- putting a coat of wax between the discs and the lines protects them from wearing down the paint. This is especially true if beads are used....they are abrasive and wear out the lines. In Florida especially it helps to protect the court from the sun.

3. Washing a court that has Nella Seal produces a cleaner court. The water and therefore the dirt will come off the court easier. Nothing slows a disc down like dirt, so the cleaner we can keep the court the better it is for the discs.

4. Water does not stay on the courts near as long when they are waxed. Keeping water off the courts is better for the court condition, as well as you can get back to playing quicker after rain. This is especially important for league play, or a tournament where you have a rain delay.

It is for the above reasons that Florida clubs will put on Nella Seal #2 twice annually on concrete courts. For full size roll out courts, application of Nella Seal is usually only required every 2 years.



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