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Think (Bead) Safety First!

Recommended ... read carefully before deciding to start/pursue Shuffleboard in your area?? .... safety of beads, especially in multi-use facilities:


* These are comments and suggestions from shufflers across Canada. While most play on courts that are built into the floor, the points concerning sweeping, and warnings about not walking on the courts, are common themes.

These are ALL multi-use facilities:


The situation is similar to the Seniors Centre here in Tillsonburg and the clubhouse in the community where I reside. At the seniors centre, there are four courts on a vinyl floor. Shufflers play three times weekly, year round. Glass beads are used and it is the responsibility of the shufflers to mop the floor of all beads prior to leaving the premises. Many other activities take place at this facility.

At our community clubhouse, there are four courts painted on a hardwood parquet floor. Plastic beads are used so as not to scratch the floor. Here again, the shufflers must mop the floor clean each day before leaving. Play at this facility takes place 5 days per week from May through September. Many others activities are held in this room as well.
Hope this information helps.

Max Tate, President, CNSA

Having said that, it seems to me that if the host organization posts signs to the effect that "When Shuffleboard is Completed" (for the day or whatever); It is Imperative That the Courts be Swept!!
Those responsible for organizing the shuffleboard portion of the "multi-use facility" should ensure that failure to "police this aspect" may result in the loss of the Shuffleboard Programme!!

Couple of examples: At Blackstock, we swept the arena immediately following the end of shuffling. The arena was used by others during the week. We had no complaints. In Lindsay, at the Armories, a similar approach was taken. This is truly a "multi-use facility" and the users are for the most part Seniors!!

A suggestion: It may be best to provide "official looking" safety signs to forcefully bring to their attention that "Beads Make the Discs Slip!!"

We are in a multi use facility and we use the beads we purchased from your company. At the conclusion of our games we use a 36 inch dust mop {in wire frame) to clean up to four courts. It requires some effort. Also all our people are told not to walk on the courts. About 3 hours after we play, the Legion Colour Party or the drum corps use it to practice. We have three courts built into the tile floor. I would suggest all the people involved be warned not to walk on courts when in play; or perhaps a small sign at each court end. I have been involved at this facility for 12 years and our tile floor is none the worse for wear. Also use beads sparingly...

I think education is the key to operating successfully. The courts we play on have been in for at least 15 years . They hold meetings, dances, dinners, etc. with no problems. The floor is none-the-worse for wear. The beads should be applied sparingly & cleaned up carefully when done.

We use a multi-use facility where we wax the discs and sprinkle corn meal on the court. At the end of play the corn meal is swept up, run through a sieve to remove foreign particles and stored for reuse.

Ron Greaves

Hi Marc...

We are also a multi-use facility. Our shuffleboard courts are on a cement concourse which people use all the time to get around the building. The shufflers only put the beads on the courts they are using and then sweep them up when they are done. None of the players or people walking by are allowed to walk on the courts while they are playing, that way no one can slip on them and get hurt.

They only use the courts on Monday and Wednesday afternoons as we use the concourse for carpet bowling on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. It also gets used for fitness training by figure skaters and hockey players at night and on the weekend. If they want to leave the courts ready to go at all times, they would have to figure out a barrier system to go around the courts preventing people from walking on them when the beads are on the courts.

I hope this was of some help. I look forward to seeing the website as it will be of interest to our seniors.

Leslie Dondale
Program Coordinator
Nepean Seniors Recreation Centre
Nepean, Ontario

Hi Marc: We use wax beads on our vinyl tile floors. We mop the beads each time and put them through a fine sieve strainer and return them to the container to use them over and over. The strainer removes dust and dirt so the beads can be used again. We use a commercial 36" dry mop and retrieve most of the beads.

Yours truly, Don Henrich

Thanks Marc. Doesn't look to me like they will need any beads at all. They may have to shoot a bit harder but I have seen similar courts in church halls and community centres. Hope this is the info you are looking for. Alf (Note: this may work for some, but not the best for real play - although it is the safest)

Here, up in Sutton, we have six courts on a tile floor that is also used for banquets, weddings, walking clubs, etc. After we play shuffleboard on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the beaded (glass beads) are swept up either by the maintenance crew at the arena or ourselves. Just make sure the surface is swept or vacuumed up after each use. I don't think you should have a problem with slipping.

Pat and Terry McConomy - Georgina Shuffleboard

Marc: We have our courts located in a Retirement Home on a vinyl tile floor. What we do is: after we finish playing, using large dust mops we thoroughly go over the courts , removing the beads and saving the residue for future play. Being a Retirement Home, there is lots of traffic around the courts (notes are posted advising people to use the walk areas rather than cross over the courts). So far and after five years of playing in this facility there hasn't been any accidents resulting from use of the beads. Hoping this is of some help.

Earl Langill


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