RING JET sticks, the best playing sticks in Ringette!!

Ring Jet, the original, a top quality stick, with years of proven history and "real results" in shooting speed, pin point-accuracy and legendary scoring.

Ring Jet continues to outplay all other sticks on the market!! Used exclusively by NRL (National Ringette League) players, Ring Jet sticks have changed the game of Ringette and continue to elevate our game and challenge all players.

Read below what the top players in the country have to say






#4 Gaudet

#16 Lugg

#99 Blanchette




Jenn Gaudet: "It's the best stick available out there. Playing, coaching and running camps I have had the opportunity to try everything available and I would never use any stick but the RingJet."

Team Canada Member 2002, 2004, 2007, 2010
9-time National Champion
U19 West Team Canada, Head Coach
NRL Scoring Champ 2004-05


Sharolyn Wouters: "It's amazing. The speed and strength of my shot has increased immensely since I made the switch two years ago."

NRL Scoring Champ and Goal Scoring Champ 2005-06
Team Canada 2004


Jacqueline Gaudet: "Even playing defense, the RingJet's strength and durability help in the defensive zone, plus the stick alone adds another dimension to every player's offensive game."

NRL Defender of the year 2005-06, Finalist 2004-05
Team Canada 2000, 2002


And at every level of play the Ring Jet stick will improve your shot, play making and scoring punch:

J-P Beaurivage (Asst coach, Regina) Our team is definitely improving. (Using Ring Jet sticks).
One FYI that I'd like to give to you: I've heard many players in our Regina Ringette Association are very unhappy with their other brand of stick and have ditched it for various reasons. They have gone back to their RingJet stick, and told me that they'd wished they'd have never tried the other one, since they were very happy with their RingJet to begin with.

Al Clark, Novice B Coach (Player / Coaching Development Pickering RA - Vice President PRA )
Marc, it was a huge success with almost 200 players participating, and measuring their shot with the radar gun:

Bunny winner 49 km/hrNovice winner 60 km/hrJunior winner 88 km/hrOpen winner 88 km/hr

The Ring Jet shots were 10 km faster than conventional sticks. I am sure there will be a few new customers with sticks under the tree.

See what the Ring Jet can do for your game - today!

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