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DOM-85D Institutional Disc Set

These discs are ideal for recreation and resort use. They feel and play very
similar to official tournament style discs. Made of strong fiberglass material.
Colours are 4 red and 4 black.

Official 6" diameter.
Item Code: DOM-85D . . . . . .

  TITAN Disc Set*NEW  


Do your shuffleboard discs take a beating? Need a tougher set for your demanding environment?

Titan has arrived! Looks and feels like "traditional" discs. A specialized polymer was formulated to create the strongest disc we've ever made. **

This polymer is more elastic than other discs, so it has more "give" and consequently may play somewhat slower than other traditional discs.

Titan is ideal for recreational conditions, especially at Camp, Resorts, Schools and Cruise Ships.

** when used for the sport of shuffleboard these discs will last longer than any other disc on the market today.

Official 6" diameter.
Item Code: TITAN . . . . . .

AIR DISC Tournament Disc Set *NEW

[closer look]

Set of Official Tournament Discs - 4 Yellow and 4 Black.

A revolution in shuffleboard discs. Air Discs meet all the requirements of a tournament disc and can be used at any level play.

Both Yellow and Black play the same! More "balanced" than traditional discs, for consistent play. Easy Glide Air Flow design leads to faster play. Official Tournament weight and size.

Flyer (PDF)

Official 6" diameter.
Item Code: AIR DISC. . . . . . . .

OTD Official Tournament Disc Set

Set of Official Tournament Discs - 4 Yellow and 4 Black. Easily identifiable at opposite ends of the court. These discs are made of durable, chip-resistant materials which exhibit excellent smooth running qualities. Approved by the National Shuffleboard Association.

Official 6" diameter.
Item Code: OTD . . . . . . . . . .

OTD-B Official Tournament Disc Set - BEVELLED

Highly recommended for use on vinyl roll out courts
or whenever Plastic Beads are used. Same as above but edges are further rounded to improve glide over plastic beads used on vinyl courts.

Official 6" diameter.
Item Code: OTD-B . . . . . . . . . .

OTD-S Official Tournament Disc Set - SEASONED

Recommended for use on concrete courts only.
Same as OTD set above but bottom sides are ground to provide better flattened surface similar to what a "seasoned" or "experienced" disc would have. This improves glide and overall shot control.

Official 6" diameter.

Item Code: OTD-S . . . . . . . . . .

AIR DISC-BLUE *NEW Official Tournament Disc Set

[closer look]

Blue AIR DISCS - wow! How's this for something different in shuffleboard discs!!

Same quality, and professional play of the new AIR DISCs (see above), but in a bright blue colour. If you're looking for something "a little different" then order our new "blue". Set is 4/blue and 4/yellow.

SIZE: Official 6" diameter.

Item Code: AIR DISC-BLUE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

DISC-4*NEW 4" Set of MINI Discs

[closer look]

Not a cheap, thin, saucer-like toy disc! It is a full size 4", solid, well built disc, and at 7/8" thick it is similar thickness to a regulation playing 6" disc. Set of 8 includes 4 Black and 4 Red discs.

Works with DOM-85 cue heads or similar smaller width heads. See picture

SIZE: 4" diameter x 7/8" thick.

Item Code: DISC-4 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

> Think (Bead) Safety First! See how fellow shufflers and facility administrators teach all participants, and enforce rules, about bead safety.


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